Yan Jiaqiang, General Manager of Qinhe Energy

Yan Jiaqiang, General Manager of Qinhe Energy

(Summary description)According to the overall work deployment of Pengfei headquarters and Qinhe company, we are here today to hold the "Pengfei Spirit Concentrated Learning Seminar for the second phase of 2020". According to the meeting agenda, I will briefly talk about three aspects:

Yan Jiaqiang, General Manager of Qinhe Energy

(Summary description)According to the overall work deployment of Pengfei headquarters and Qinhe company, we are here today to hold the "Pengfei Spirit Concentrated Learning Seminar for the second phase of 2020". According to the meeting agenda, I will briefly talk about three aspects:


Pengfei spirit in the second stage

Concentrate on the speech at the seminar

Yan Jiaqiang, General Manager of Qinhe Energy


Hello everyone!

According to the overall work deployment of Pengfei headquarters and Qinhe company, we are here today to hold the "Pengfei Spirit Concentrated Learning Seminar for the second phase of 2020". According to the meeting agenda, I will briefly talk about three aspects:

1. Brief review of work in the first half of the year

The first half of this year was an extremely unusual half year for Qinhe Company. The economic crisis brought about by the global new crown epidemic brought unprecedented challenges and great difficulties to the development of our coal enterprises. Under the strong leadership of Pengfei Headquarters and guided by the spirit of Pengfei, Qinhe Company strictly implements the arrangements and deployments of Pengfei Headquarters, and actively unites and leads the majority of cadres and employees to strengthen confidence in accordance with the overall work concept of "0356" formulated at the beginning of the year. , To overcome difficulties, to work hard, to overcome various internal and external contradictions and pressures, and to achieve: continuous and stable safety production, effective and effective epidemic prevention and control, successful completion of production tasks, effective technological innovation, orderly progress of key projects, and substantial overall costs Decline, economic performance has improved significantly, personnel reform has been steadily advanced, and the overall situation of the enterprise is harmonious and stable. It is actively moving towards the goal of "high-quality growth and high-speed development in parallel" required by Chairman Zheng Peng.

The achievement is the result of the correct decision and strong leadership of Chairman Zheng Peng and senior executives of Pengfei headquarters, the result of the strong support and coordination and assistance of the board of directors of Qinhe, and the result of the hard work and sweat of the cadres and employees! Therefore, as the general manager, here I would like to sincerely thank the 8,000 Qinhe family members who have worked hard in Qinhe on various fronts, especially all the Qinhe elites and Qinhe backbones here today. You have worked hard!

2. Study and implement the spirit of Pengfei

Judging from the overall work completion in the first half of the year, Qinhe has better studied, implemented and implemented the spirit of Pengfei, and practiced the spirit of Pengfei with tangible actions, tangible results, and tangible results. ! However, in the learning process, some of our units and individual leaders still have some deviations and inadequate phenomena, such as: overemphasizing the form of learning but not paying attention to actual results; making superficial articles but not doing it personally; perfunctory handling errands without in-depth thinking; turning the cart before the horse Can't grasp the focus of work; talk about the work in a mess, etc. To this end, we are determined to do the following three points:

1. Persevere, change quality with quantity

In accordance with the standards and requirements of "learning every day, learning all the time, and learning for life", I have a deep understanding of Chairman Zheng's statement that "the core of innovation and leadership is learning. According to their respective job positions and responsibilities, the new situation and requirements, and the trend of the times and development trends, learn to be advanced, find gaps, make up for shortcomings, promote improvement, keep up with the pace and pace of Pengfei’s development, and completely change the Use experience to do things for a lifetime, use past knowledge to do things in the future, and use traditional ideas to do things in the new era." There must be a sense of urgency of “lack of knowledge, insufficient skills, and insufficient ability”, and a sense of crisis of “not being able to do the job if you do not actively learn, and you will fall behind if you do not actively improve.” Through the accumulation of time, bit by bit, continuous learning, continuous Progress, through continuous and in-depth study of Pengfei spirit, continuous learning of new professional knowledge and professional skills, keeping pace with the times, keeping pace with the advanced, and causing qualitative changes through quantitative changes, to be a qualified Pengfei Qinhe person, and to be a person required by the times people.

2. Work hard and seek practical results with pragmatism

Strictly implement and implement the headquarters' “standards for working hard and working style”. What we are engaged in is the most difficult and dangerous underground coal mining industry. What we shoulder is the important responsibility of human life and safety. Compared with other surface enterprises, we cannot tolerate any sloppy and slackness. We must fully, in-depth, and systematically achieve "true work, strict discipline, and substantial results", resolutely resist the bad phenomena and style of "calling slogans, venting guns, and walking through the scene", and firmly grasp the main work And key links, strengthen responsibility, insist on seeking truth from facts, supervise and serve the grassroots well, sink more energy and resources to the front line of safe production, work hard on pragmatic and practical results, avoid formalism, reduce the burden on the grassroots, and let the grassroots Cadres have more time and energy to implement and seek practical results.

3. Focus on results, and judge heroes by results

Chairman Zheng said at the monthly goal promotion meeting in the second week of July, "In the first half of the year, all factories and systems should be ranked by results. Cadres should not talk about what they have done, but focus on what they have done. Ranking is to judge heroes based on results. Do not rule out the last elimination". We just want to establish a result-oriented approach. I have repeatedly said: "Want to work and be able to work" is the prerequisite, and "get it done without trouble" is the result. Therefore, "getting things done" is the most important criterion for measuring a cadre. If this year is over half of the year, all mine managers present here will weigh their respective rankings in Qinhe. When they go back, they will carefully look for gaps in accordance with the spirit of Pengfei and the goals and tasks, and actively plan the work plan and ideas for the second half of the year to ensure that the annual goal is successfully completed in the second half of the year. task.

3. Work arrangements for the second half of the year

In the second half of 2020, we will continue to implement the “0356” overall work thinking: 

——The bottom line of "0 accidents": to ensure that safety work starts from "0" and ends at "0"

——Three major goals: talent introduction, innovation leading the construction of three modernizations

——5 breakthroughs: safer and stronger standards, higher standards and better benefits  

Greener background, more stable development

——6 measures: take safety and environmental protection as the first prerequisite

Take innovation as the first driving force

Take quality and efficiency as the first pursuit

Take output cost as the first task

Take key projects as the first starting point

Take overall stability as the first environment

1. Take safety and environmental protection as the first prerequisite to ensure foolproof and continuous stability

Fully understand that "safety is the greatest benefit and safety is the greatest cost", keep the bottom line of safety, and follow the "12566" safety work ideas and the requirements of "on-site management improvement year" formulated by the "Safety No. 1 Document" at the beginning of the year to strictly and Do detailed and practical work on safety production. In the second half of the year, we will focus on the "three preventions in rainy season", the "relocation" of several mines, "roofing, gas, and water damage" and other key disaster management, and special times such as National Day and New Year's Day. Key tasks such as safety during the period and the next 100 days to ensure that safety work throughout the year is foolproof.

We must conscientiously implement the latest environmental protection policies of environmental protection departments at all levels, understand environmental protection requirements in a timely and accurate manner, strengthen the supervision of various environmental monitoring and monitoring facilities, standardize the comprehensive management of waste dumps, improve the assessment system for environmental protection work, find and solve problems in a timely manner, and take multiple measures. Tackling tough battles for pollution prevention and control, creating favorable conditions to ensure the normal operation of all mines.

2. Taking innovation as the first driving force, striving to benchmark first-class standards

Innovation is the only way for future enterprise development. We must further understand the huge impact of the economic crisis, and target advanced enterprises and first-class enterprises in the same industry in China to innovate safety production and operation management measures, closely combine actual work and site management, and follow the headquarters The “5G+Smart Coal Chemical Application Project” requires that efforts be made in the direction of green mines and intelligent mines, and start with innovative technology applications, optimizing mining layout and construction technology, and strengthening the renovation of old equipment, and will focus on promotion in the second half of the year. Duan's hydraulic fracturing and roofing technology, advancing the sub-layering of houcun and keeping lanes along the goaf at Duan's, and completing the equipment installation of Yong'an extended working face, uncompromisingly continue to deepen innovation and efficiency work.

3. Take quality and efficiency as the first pursuit, and insist on quality first and efficiency first

Take the improvement of quality and efficiency as the fundamental starting point and end point for promoting Qinhe's high-quality development. We need to further benchmark first-class enterprises, raise the benchmark for work, maximize the potential of people, finances, and materials, and maximize the comprehensive benefits between each element. Establish a "race" mechanism and a "final elimination" mechanism, rigorously assess coal quality and operating performance, optimize the "coal quality deduction and penalty management methods", and establish an assessment of "equal emphasis on incentives and constraints, correlation between assessment and distribution, and simultaneous efficiency and fairness" New mechanism.

4. Take output cost as the first task to achieve production efficiency improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase

In accordance with the production plan adjusted by the headquarters, centering on the production organization principle of “balanced, stable and high-yield”, strive to overcome the impact of the relocation of various mines in the second half of the year, improve production efficiency, strengthen the management of relocation, increase resource sharing, and plan and optimize ahead of time. Connect, invert the schedule, and rationally arrange to ensure that various safety technical measures are in place, to ensure the normal operation of the main equipment, and to ensure the completion of the overall production task.

Vigorously promote the "high-quality, low-cost" development concept, further improve the internal control system, fully implement refined management and comprehensive budget management mechanisms, strengthen the entire link and the entire process of cost control, strict monthly assessment, and timely correct and supplement management blind spots And deficiencies, continue to consolidate the results of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and ensure a significant year-on-year decline in comprehensive costs.

5. Take key projects as the first starting point, build a foundation for sustainable and long-term development

Coal preparation plant upgrading and transformation: complete the technical upgrading and transformation of the Houcun, Duanshi and Yong'an coal preparation plants, and actively promote the technical upgrading of the Yonghong and Qinsheng coal preparation plants.

Coal preparation plant identification work: The Yonghong, Yongan, Houcun, Duanshi and Qinsheng coal preparation plants have been identified by the Provincial Energy Bureau.

Safety production standardization construction: to ensure that Yonghong and Houcun maintain the first-level standardization without degrading, and the second-level standardization of other mines will not be degraded, and actively apply for the first-level standardization for qualified mines.

Keeping lanes along the goaf: Houcun, Zhongcun, and Jiuxin 3 mines continue to implement roadway reserving along the goaf, and actively promote the implementation of Duanshi high mining height and lower layering along the goaf.

Acceptance of security monitoring upgrades: all completed by the end of August.

Unattended metering system: Strive for installation and implementation in July, and formally run in August.

Yonghong 3# coal re-mining and 15# coal extension: completed the preparation of the 3# coal re-mining plan; completed the preliminary work of 15# coal extension, and obtained the start-up approval of the Provincial Energy Bureau. Carry out the next step according to the decision of the headquarters.

Increase in length of Yong'an fully mechanized caving face: Strive to complete the installation and commissioning of the three-machine supporting entry well by the end of the year.

Duanshi auxiliary shaft and 3# return air shaft: the provincial energy bureau's approval for the start of construction was completed in July, and the construction started at the end of July.

Nan'aosi 3# coal re-mining: the preliminary work of the project start-up approval was completed.

Qudi reduction and reorganization: Complete the reorganization work according to the approved plan of the Provincial Energy Bureau.

Resource expansion: Actively promote the integration of resources with neighboring neighbors in accordance with headquarters arrangements and policy guidance.

Epidemic prevention and control: Strictly implement the requirements of superiors, and continue to conscientiously and solidly carry out various prevention and control tasks for the normalization of the epidemic in accordance with the principle of "external defense input and internal prevention rebound".

6. Regard the overall stability as the first environment, and achieve a strong internal quality and an excellent external environment

Stabilize the staff and stabilize the team internally, pay attention to the major concerns of employees, and comprehensively promote "daily learning, always learning, and lifelong learning" to promote the overall development of employees and the improvement of their overall quality. And actively introduce all kinds of talents, and ensure that the recruited college students can be introduced, retained, and used well, so that they can make the best use of their talents and truly play the role of talents.

Maintain good external relations with party committees, governments and competent departments at all levels, and actively strive for policy support and policy dividends. Strengthen communication with surrounding villages, properly handle all types of subsidence compensation, and do a good job in the use of mine restoration and governance funds.

Comrades, in the face of the global economic crisis brought about by the new crown epidemic, we must further strengthen the leading role of the "Pengfei Spirit" under the strong leadership of the Pengfei headquarters and the board of directors, combining the pilot work of the comprehensive reform of the energy revolution in our province and President Xi The secretary came to Shanxi to investigate important instructions, seek opportunities in danger, seek advancement in difficulties, and seek victory in danger, and unite and lead a large number of cadres and employees to ensure safety and high quality on the basis of solidly advancing the three-year special rectification action and the creation of the 30th unit Efficiently complete the annual goals and tasks, and make due positive contributions to the high-quality development of Pengfei Group!



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