And energy secretary of the party committee/The board secretary /Hao gaofeng

And energy secretary of the party committee/The board secretary /Hao gaofeng

(Summary description)Now, I am entrusted by the Third Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. to report to the conference for consideration.

And energy secretary of the party committee/The board secretary /Hao gaofeng

(Summary description)Now, I am entrusted by the Third Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. to report to the conference for consideration.


Keep in mind the original mission and keep youthful vitality forever

Work hard to promote Qinhe high-quality development

Secretary of the Party Committee of Qinhe Energy Hao Gaofeng

Delegates and comrades:

Now, I am entrusted by the Third Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Qinhe Energy Group Co., Ltd. to report to the conference for consideration.

This conference is a meeting held by Qinhe Energy as it enters a new historical stage to connect the past and the future. The main tasks of the meeting are: reviewing and summarizing the work of the company since the last party congress, studying and determining the goals and main tasks of the next party building work, electing a new company party committee and disciplinary committee, mobilizing the company's party organizations at all levels, all party members and cadres The employees do not forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, face difficulties, pioneer and innovate, and work hard to promote Qinhe high-quality development!

Part One Review of the Work of the Third Party Committee

The past four years have been four years in which Qinhe's economic benefits, comprehensive strength, and brand image have been greatly improved. It has also been four years in which party building ideological and political work has been integrated into the center, served the overall situation, is active and powerful, and has a prominent role. Facing the new normal of economic development and the requirements of strict party governance, we earnestly studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and studied the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the important speeches during the inspection in Shanxi Province. According to the specific requirements of the Public Work Committee, in accordance with the strategic deployment of the Pengfei Group, it is focused on party building and development. It has achieved remarkable results in various tasks and successfully realized the safe, stable and harmonious development of Qinhe Energy.

1. Persist in administering the party strictly, shouldering the "two responsibilities", and realizing further enhancement of political functions

Upholding party leadership and strengthening party building are the "root" and "soul" of enterprise party building. Upholding party leadership over enterprises is a major political principle that must be consistent. In the past four years, the company’s party committee has adhered to Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, insisted on the unshakable leadership of the party to Qinhe, and ensured the implementation of the party’s and national policies and major deployments in the group company; conscientiously implemented the “party and government together” Systems such as “responsibility” and “two responsibilities for one post”; adhere to the strict governance of the party and earnestly carry the “two responsibilities” and conduct layer by layer, extending to the “nerve endings”; adhere to “safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management "" policy, adhere to the red line that development must not be at the expense of human lives; further clarify and implement the responsibilities of party organizations at all levels for production safety; establish and improve the safety of "party and government with the same responsibility, one post with two responsibilities, and joint management" Production responsibility system; strive to build a safe production work pattern in which the party and the government promote each other, perform their duties, take their own responsibilities, and coordinate operation, and earnestly give play to the political leadership and fighting fortress role of the enterprise party organization.

2. Comprehensively promote the "three basic construction" and create an upgraded version of Qinhe party building

In 2018, we closely focused on the overall goal of the higher-level party organization of "seeing results in two years and making big changes in five years", and promoted the overall strengthening of grass-roots organizations, the overall progress of basic work, and the overall improvement of basic capabilities to create new highlights in party building.

——Grasp the position construction firmly. Over the past four years, the Qinhe Party Committee has successively built and improved activity venues and related systems for all general branches and branches, instructed all general branches and subordinate branches to establish propaganda columns, learning fields and update them in real time, and edited the "Qinhe Party Building Information Briefing" for more than 20 During the period, more than 60 learning materials were released on the public platform of "Qinhe Party Committee", and the number of followers continued to rise. A multi-dimensional three-dimensional position is basically formed, which effectively guarantees the publicity and implementation of the party's line, guidelines, and policies in Qinhe.

——Grasp the organization building. In September 2018, the adjustment of the organizational affiliation of the Party Committee of Qinhe Company was completed, and the county economic and trade work committee was changed to the county non-public work committee. According to the actual development of the company’s party committee, the two basic-level organizations of the company’s party branch and the terminal’s party branch were cancelled; the company’s general party branch, the first, second, and third party branch of the company, the party branch of Jiuxin Coal Industry, and the party branch of Herui Company were newly added. The branch took over the Nanaosi Coal Industry Party Branch. Increase the number of party organizations in Qinhe Company to 28. In the "National Party Member Management Information System", an information system for the "Qinhe Company Party Committee" and its subordinate party organizations at all levels was established, and the information collection work for 28 party organizations and more than 400 party members was completed to achieve standardization, standardization, and dynamics. Management laid the foundation.

——Grasp the system construction firmly. The party committee compiled and printed the "Compilation of Party Building Work System" and "The Compilation of Work System of the Disciplinary Committee", formulated the "Safety Production Post Responsibility System" for Party Committee Members, and signed the "Handling of Tasks for the Construction of Primary Party Organizations" and "Implementing "Two Responsibilities" The Work Task Assignment Letter explored a new way for the party's system construction work to perform their duties and responsibilities.

——Grasp the team building. We attach importance to the development of party members, strengthen the task of training new party members and key party affairs, actively train qualified party members, and improve the vitality and cohesion of the party member team. A total of 38 reserve party members have been recruited in four years, and 39 regular members have been promoted to ensure that the party member team "will always be advanced. Sex, always keep purity, and always keep youthful vitality."

3. Vigorously carry out thematic activities and establish new directions for enhancing effects

—— "Two studies and one doing" normalized education. "Two studies and one doing" party member education is the top priority of party building work. In 2017, the company’s party committee promptly mobilized and deployed a series of learning systems, held a series of spirit exchange meetings for studying the general secretary’s speech, and created Yiyonghong Mine For the "Two Studies and One Work Demonstration Point", successively completed the "Four Stresses and Four Possessions", "Emphasis on Responsibility, Change of Style, and Implementation", "Three Meetings and One Lesson", "Themed Activity Day", "Democratic Life Meeting", "Organizational life meeting" and other special seminars, requiring each party member to write his own experience, conduct democratic evaluations, seriously the party’s organizational life, and normalize party members’ cadres and party members’ political awareness, overall awareness, and core awareness. , Align with consciousness. It has consolidated the ideological foundation of all cadres and employees to maintain the core, and effectively promoted the implementation of various tasks.

——The establishment of the "Double Strong and Six Good" party organization. In 2018, we launched the “Double Power Six” with the goal of “building a strong party and developing strong” and “good production and operation, good corporate culture, good labor relations, good party organization, good party members, and good social evaluation” as the standard. Good" party organization creation activity. The general party branch of the Peishuhou Village Mine is a municipal-level "double-strong and six-good" party organization, and Yonghong and Yongan are county-level "double-strong and six-good" party organizations. In addition, we will try to achieve more than half of the company’s party committees to achieve the "double strong and six good" standards by the end of this year.

——"Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission" theme education. In 2019, each general branch (direct branch) closely focused on the series of speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the provincial, municipal and county party committee meetings, and the spirit of the series of meetings and reform goals of Pengfei, Qinhe and the company, focusing on the rigid conservative, closed and narrow-mindedness proposed by the provincial party committee. "Six issues" such as "Six Aspects", such as "Six Aspects" and other major discussions, combine the solution of ideological and conceptual problems with the safety production and operation of the group company, and unify the discussion with the realization of Pengfei's "One Two Three Four" action plan, and combine positions Actually establish first-class standards, earnestly carry out "What do I do for reform and innovation" everyone talks, and earnestly translate the results of the big discussions into actual results in deepening reform, innovative development, and strict governance of the party, and provide suggestions for the development and growth of the company force.

4. pay close attention to the construction of party style and clean government, and conserve the cleanliness, just ecological

In the past four years, we have introduced the "One Post and Two Responsibilities" System for the Building of Party Work Style and Clean Government and the "Party and Cadre Talking System on Clean Government", and continue to adhere to the "Leading Group for the Construction of Party Work Style and Clean Government" and the "Leading Group for the Prevention of Duty Crimes". Leader of construction work.

In accordance with the requirements of the Disciplinary Committee of the Group Corporation "Notice on Reiterating the Resolute Stop of Leading Cadres from Organizing Weddings and Funerals and Taking Advantage of the Acts of Collecting Money", continue to pay attention to the prevention of holidays and the supervision of weddings and funerals.

Regularly carry out anti-corruption theme party day activities and warning education month activities to guide party members and cadres to be vigilant against the bottom line and red line listed in the regulations, adhere to the high line, strictly observe the bottom line, and truly engrave the party rules and disciplines in their hearts.

Strengthen the supervision of all units, conduct regular disciplinary inspections and inspections of all units, mainly focus on the implementation of party discipline, rules, and the company’s various rules and regulations, put the disciplines and rules in the forefront, and resolutely implement the "one case, double inspection" "One-vote veto" and other systems have made accountability a system and a norm. Inadequate implementation of the party’s principles and policies; lack of responsibility for governing the party and lack of supervision responsibility; occurrence of the “four winds” and corruption; violation of company labor discipline, comprehensive use of criticism and education, admonition talk, notification of criticism, and organization Various forms of handling, disciplinary action, etc., are held accountable, and create a clean political ecology for the healthy development of Qinhe Company.

5. Promote "Internet + Party Building" new technologies and measures, and develop new service models for party members

——One-hundred-point management of party members. In April 2018, the company's party committee issued a notice on the "Implementation Plan for the Management of Party Member Points System". Beginning in May, all grass-roots party organizations have carried out the management of party members' points system. The daily performance of each party member is quantified in the form of a number, with monthly scores, quarterly announcements, and year-end summary, so as to strive to achieve refined, scientific, and standardized education and management of party members.

——The promotion of "Sanjin Pioneer" mobile client. Since April 2018, a lot of energy has been put into preparatory work for the operation and management of the "Shanxi Province Smart Party Building" information platform. By December, the preparations have been basically completed, and the "Shanxi Province Smart Party Building" informatization has been issued and issued "Interim Measures for the Management of Platform Operation", renamed "Sanjin Pioneer" to continue standardized operation.

6. Innovate the training model of party members, and the exemplary leading role is more prominent

In the past four years, the company’s party committee has taken various measures to improve the quality of party members by organizing training, online learning, independent learning, and outings. Organize grassroots party organization secretaries and committee members, party activists, and key development targets to participate in the training of the party’s political theory knowledge and party spirit education organized by the county economic and trade work committee and the non-public work committee; the company’s party committee and its subordinate branches, The branch subscribes to "Party Style and Clean Government Construction", "China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News", "Thirty Lectures on Xi Jinping's Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era" and other training materials for daily self-study by the majority of party members and cadres; the company party committee and subordinate party branches and direct branches organize party members Leading cadres went to Liangjiahe, Yan'an and other places to receive red education, cultivate sentiments, strengthen their beliefs, and improve their quality; organize to learn the spirit of the Red Boat; carry out "clean and diligent, responsible behavior" online answer activities; organize "warning education month" activities, pass the above The measures have innovated the training model for party members and improved the political quality of party members.

7. Continue to help poverty alleviation and tackle tough issues, and demonstrate Qinhe responsibility 

In 2017, in accordance with the requirements of the poverty alleviation policy of the Qinshui County Party Committee, the Party Committee of Qinshui Company established a poverty alleviation leadership group with the main leader as the leader, and selected the first secretary and the village assistance team, party leaders and cadres in Zaoyuan Village 40 poverty-stricken households carried out “one-to-one” poverty alleviation assistance. Through capital investment, relocation, and industry-driven measures, at the end of 2018, all poverty-stricken households in Zaoyuan Village were all out of poverty.

In order to consolidate the effect of poverty alleviation and prevent the occurrence of poverty return, this year, Qinhe Energy has carefully formulated Zaoyuan Village's poverty alleviation and consolidation plan and measures. Through many investigations and combined with the actual development of Zaoyuan's industry, it has decided to "support the horse and send another trip." Give strong support to the donkey industry in the village and continue to cultivate hematopoietic function.

In addition, the general branches and directly affiliated branches of the party committee also provided specific assistance to multiple villages in various townships. Through capital input, assistance in the purchase and sale of agricultural and sideline products, employment, and strengthening of infrastructure construction in the village, the actual situation was solved. Difficulties, contribute to the fight against poverty, and demonstrate peace and harmony.

While doing a good job of helping, we have also carried out various forms of voluntary service activities for party members to send care and love to those who need help most. Over the years, we have organized party members to carry out more than 60 voluntary services. Nursing homes, special schools, Qinhe Primary Schools, surrounding villages and towns, paired assistance villages, mine heads, widows, and homes of people in need have all become our frequent volunteer services. Position. Through the development of voluntary services, a good corporate image has been established, party members have been baptized in thought, and the masses can feel the warmth of the party organization.

8. The party and the masses build together, unite their efforts, and ensure peace, stability and harmony.

Under the new situation, the company’s party committee has given full play to the role of political guidance and cohesion to strengthen and improve group work. Instruct the company’s Youth League Committee and its affiliated trade unions to organize changes; recommend outstanding leading cadres to serve in the County Federation of Trade Unions; use the Women’s Day, Youth Day, Double Ninth Festival and other time nodes to organize skills competitions, basketball games, sports meets, and fundraising for poor families. The integration of regiment organization and production safety has effectively improved vitality, united the masses, gathered forces, and promoted the overall situation of the health and stability of Qinhe Company.

While affirming the achievements, we also clearly see the problems and deficiencies in our work. The main manifestations are as follows: First, some cadres do not fully understand the new requirements for strengthening the Qinhe party building work, and the idea of ​​"emphasizing production and neglecting party building" remains exist;

The second is that the building of a learning-oriented party organization is insufficient and lacks a strong learning atmosphere. The truth-seeking and pragmatic style needs to be further improved; the third is that the effectiveness and pertinence of ideological and political work needs to be further enhanced; the fourth is that the level of standardization of grassroots party building is uneven, and the foundation of party building The outstanding problems in the work part still have not been fundamentally resolved; fifth, the quality of the cadre team needs to be improved, a small number of cadres have a floating style, lack of sense of responsibility and responsibility, and violations of regulations and disciplines in the cadre team often occur. All these need to be resolved in our future work. We firmly believe that with the correct leadership of the higher-level party committee, the correct choice of the company’s party committee, the hard work of the grassroots party organization and more than 7,000 employees, we will be able to adapt to the new situation, meet new challenges, show new deeds, and promote Qinhe This work has reached a new level.

Distinguished delegates and comrades, the company's achievements in the past four years cannot be separated from the correct leadership and ardent care of the higher-level party committees, the hard work and solidarity and cooperation of the grassroots organizations, and the selfless dedication and tenacious hard work of the majority of cadres and employees. Taking this opportunity, on behalf of the company’s party committee, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the leaders at all levels for supporting Qinhe’s reform and development, and to all party members, cadres and employees, retired veteran comrades and employees’ families who have devoted their efforts and hard work to Qinhe’s stable development. My highest respect!

Part Two The new situation and the future direction of party building

There is a long way to go for development, and the development time does not wait for me. In the next few years, Qinhe Energy will enter a critical period of innovation-driven and rapid development, with opportunities and challenges coexisting, hopes and worries. Whether we can turn crises into opportunities amid the continued macroeconomic downturn, and make breakthroughs in ensuring safety, increasing production, and reducing costs, we are still facing major challenges. In accordance with the requirements of the superiors, in accordance with the actual conditions of Qinhe, the Party building work should be carried out from the following aspects.

1. Continue to deepen the learning and education of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and promote the normalization of not forgetting the original aspiration and keeping in mind the mission

It is necessary to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of Chairman Xi’s inspection speech in Shanxi, insist on reading the original, learn the original text, and understand the principles, and study the classic works such as "Xi Jinping's State Administration" and follow up with the latest important speeches. Education Guide Qin and party members of party organizations at all levels to effectively unify their thoughts and actions with Xi Jinping’s socialist thoughts with the characteristics of the new era, effectively enhance the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, achieve “two safeguards”, and learn Think, use, pass, know, believe, and act. Solidly promote the normalization and institutionalization of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind", earnestly implement the relevant requirements of the party organizations at all levels, form a long-term mechanism, regard the safety of production and operation management as an important manifestation of fulfilling the original mission, and promote the realization of Qinhe High quality, high efficiency and healthy development.

2. Further improve the work system of the company's party committee and its subordinate primary party organizations

It is necessary to further standardize the construction of various general branches and directly affiliated branch teams in conjunction with the company's institutional reforms, strengthen the work force, further improve the rules and regulations and work processes, effectively straighten out the system and mechanism, improve the work organization, and promote the implementation of responsibilities.

It is necessary to benchmark first-class standards and improve the mechanism. Advanced concepts and practices such as "territorial management" and "three unification" management of Pengfei headquarters are applied to the party building work of Qinhe Company. Incorporate in-service party members and employees whose organizational relationship is not in their own unit into the branch, and participate in studies, live organizational life, and participate in assessments together with party members of the branch. And regularly report to the party organization where the party organization is located.

3. Carry out the special action of “building a bright brand and fully reaching the standard” for the standardized construction of grassroots party organizations

The political life within the party must be serious, and the implementation of the "six systems" such as education and training, "three meetings and one lesson", democratic life meeting, organizational life meeting, democratic appraisal of party members, and party day activities must be carried out. Strictly implement standardized construction standards, conscientiously do a good job in transferring and investigating the relationship between party organizations, and improve various types of accounts.

It is necessary to carry out a wide range of special actions to "Brighten the brand and fully meet the standards" in the Qinhe party committee system, focus on the standardized construction of party organizations, build a distinctive party building brand, and form a batch of learnable, visible, and extendable experience results, and promote the standardization of party organizations from point to point. The overall construction is improved.

4. comprehensively strengthen the construction of party members and party workers

In accordance with the requirements of the Organization Department of the County Party Committee and the County Non-Public Work Committee, the political standards are given top priority, and the work of recruiting party members is conscientiously developed. Implement two-way integration and two-wheel drive for safety production and party building. Absorb technical leaders into party members, train party members and cadres into business backbones, and inject vitality and vitality into the party cadres.

Organize training classes for party organization secretaries and party workers in hierarchical categories to improve the ability of party organization secretaries and party workers to serve enterprise development.

5. Vigorously promote the innovation of grassroots party building work, and comprehensively improve the foundation of party building work

Realize innovation in the management of party members. Continue to run the "Qinhe Party Committee" WeChat public account. Vigorously promote the "Internet + Party building", make good use of the national party member management information system and the "Sanjin Pioneer APP", promote party member electronic identity authentication, online transfer of organizational relationships, party member daily statistics, party member data online reporting and analysis, etc., and continuously improve party members Educational management information, scientific and precise level.

Make bold innovations in the forms and methods of organizing life, and carry out different forms of party day activities such as voluntary labor and volunteer services based on the actual situation of the unit; you can organize party members of the general branch and branch to receive education at the red education base at the appropriate time , Do everything possible to improve the identity of party members and the overall quality of the party organization.

Distinguished delegates and comrades, standing at a new starting point, we shoulder the mission of Qinhe's continuous development and bravely standing on the forefront. Let us not forget our original aspirations and keep our mission in mind. Under the correct leadership of the higher-level party committee, we will closely follow the Pengfei Group Strategic goals, accurately grasp the new requirements of party building work in the new era, lead development with party building, integrate party building into development, use party building to promote development, rely on development to test party building, and “forever maintain the advanced nature, the purity, and the youthful vitality” for the construction The team of high-quality party members who "come to fight and win the battle" is working hard to promote the high-quality development of Qinhe!

thank you all!



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